• Foundation/ On-Ramp

    After getting started with one of our free intro classes on either Wednesdays or Saturdays, before being able to start training in CrossFit Classes we require you to succesfully pass our foundations workshops.
    These classes are designed to give you an overview of what is expected in all CrossFit classes regarding exercises, movements, and recommended weight used for olympic lifts.
    They can be completed by anyone regardless of experience or fitness level and are done between 2-4 sessions with our coach.
    Designed to familiarize you with the movements we use most frequently and build your general fitness base, our Foundations workshop ensures that you will be comfortable and successful in our All Levels CrossFit classes.

    Individual: $315 (4 classes) This is for those who prefer not to learn in a group setting and garner more individual attention *these are scheduled individually*
    Small Group: $210 per-person (6 classes) these classes are open to 6 members per class and are on a fixed schedule for the first three weeks of training.

    In order to move through the Foundations workshop, we require you to:
    • Be generally active and injury-free.
    Foundations and CrossFit is designed for the generally active individual with no serious movement limitations. We ask you to fill out a PARQ upon starting.
    •You can commit to a set schedule.
    You will be required to attend between 2-4 scheduled sessions based on fitness level and comprehension of required movements. You will not be able to proceed to our CrossFit classes until completed.
    •You can schedule well in advance.
    Yes, we are very flexible. we schedule Foundations Workshops around a tight schedule and ask everyone looking to schedule a workshop to do it well in advance.